CAGL with our technical partner Impact Selector International offers wide range of products and services will help you eliminate fishing and increase your operational efficiency.  Our industry leading technology, coupled with impeccable customer service allows your operation to run smooth, predictable, and safe.  Set the standard with Impact Selector wireline conveyance assurance.

All our tools have been designed to accommodate the threading, through-cable wiring, and crossover connections of Schlumberger, Baker Atlas, Halliburton, and other service companies' tool strings. Furthermore, all electrically wired components are strictly pass-through mechanisms that allow data to travel back and forth through the tool without interference or jamming. All serving to increase safety and overall efficiency by eliminating sticking before it happens.


  • Open-Hole MCX™
  • Open-Hole MCT™


  • Xcalibur™
  • Xcalibur™ 2.75
  • Blockbuster™
  • Impactor EL™
  • Impactor SL™
  • Multi-Stage (MIT) Wireline™
  • Energizer Intensifier™
  • Tubular Jar