Health, Safety and Environment Policy

The most valuable asset of CAGL Oilfields Services Limited is her Human Resources. The prevention of accidents to our employees, clients, contractors and visitors from accident and the protection of our environment is the first consideration in the operation of our business. We consider Health, Safety and Environment as important as any other aspects of our business.
No job is so important and no customer request is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform the work with commitment to our ethics on Health, Safety and Environment.
CAGL Oilfields will always abide by all existing National, State and Local laws and Regulations.

We believe that:

  • Job Safety is a matter of equal importance as all other Company operations.
  • Accidents are symptomatic of operational problems, avoiding them will result in safe and efficient production.
  • Accidents and occupational illness are intolerable and we will make every effort to eliminate such occurrences.
  • Safety and Health improvement is an individual and collective team responsibility.
  • Loss of people, property and process are considered avoidable and are management failures.
  • Working safely is a condition for employment in CAGL Oilfields Services Limited.
  • Commitment to HSE is a good business practice.

Accordingly, we are committed to :

  • Furnish workplaces free from recognized hazards likely to cause accidents resulting in injury or illness.
  • Comply fully with all laws regulating employee Health , Safety and Environment.
  • Hold management and supervisors accountable for all workplace safety.
  • Conduct and document training sessions in a systematic and scheduled basis.
  • Hold employees responsible for consistent application of HSE ethics.
  • Monitor progress towards safer work practices and safer working environment.

The elimination of accidents and its causes is a corporate commitment and a condition of employment in CAGL Oilfields Services Limited.