Completion Equipment & services

Our Completion equipment include subsurface safety valves and flow control equipment, surface safety systems, packers and specialty completion equipment, expandable liner hanger systems, swellable technology, intelligent completion systems, sand control systems and screens, and well servicing tools, and reservoir performance services. Reservoir performance services include testing tools, real-time reservoir analysis, and data acquisition services.

Liner Hanger Equipment & services

Our liner hangers have superb run-in features, such as large bypass area and high load capacity. And their rotating capabilities help you achieve zonal isolation during primary cementing jobs. A high torque rating makes our liner systems well suited for applications such as cemented liners that can be rotated after setting, drill-down liners that set hydraulically, and liners that must be reamed down. 

Cementing Equipment & services

Our Cementing Services involve bonding the well and well casing while isolating fluid zones and maximizing wellbore stability. Our cementing service line also provides casing equipment.

Zonal Isolation Equipment & services

We provide effective zonal isolation for numerous applications, including  gas shutoff, production segmentation, openhole testing, selective stimulation, acidizing, and plug and abandonment. Our swellable well construction products and services also provide short-term annular seals and long-term microannulus isolation solutions to achieve quality primary cementing and enhanced zonal isolation. We deal in Swellable packers, Inflatable packers, Downhole shutoff valves & Disappearing barrier plugs.

Leak Detection services

Quickly locating and quantifying leaks is essential to the safe operation of oil and gas processing systems.  CAGL Oilfields helps assure safe operating conditions at start-up with innovative solutions that minimize production losses and reduce the time and costs associated with leak repair.

Wellbore Cleaning services

CAGL Oilfields' wellbore cleaning services—using our chemical, mechanical, and hydraulic technologies—provide a clear path for production by safely and effectively removing wellbore debris. These technologies reduce operational costs, eliminate formation damage, and protect personnel and equipment.

Whipstock equipment services

Our openhole whipstock system inflatable type anchor is a single-trip, screw-in whipstock that can be run with multiple anchoring options to engage various stuck fish profiles, perforated tailpipe assemblies allowing through-whipstock cementing in hard-to-drill formations, and inflatable anchoring options when off-bottom sidetracks are desired. 

Tracer Technology, Equipment & services

Our tracer technology for monitoring of petroleum reservoirs in well-to-well studies of fluid flow (injection water and injection gas) and in mass transport studies in wells and process plants, are excellent.