Technology in focus

This is a great time to invest in technology. In this fast growing tech world where business thrive on faster ways and more advanced results in production and servicing, technology is the driving force. Investing in new technologies makes our services and our employees more productive, efficient, and profitable

Teamwork drive

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships". CAGL Oilfields Team collaborate more even as they perceive themselves alike, keeping up the unity the exists among ourselves.

Excellence in execution

"Getting it right the first time and always"

We have the right people with the right skills who understand the company's strategies and core values, and are determined to make things work.

Cost effectiveness

Our business strategies are formulated to provide high-tech oilfields technology at affordable cost for operators in the sub-region thereby decreasing down time (NPT) and increasing the operators’ profitability.

Our Advantages

Our people and innovative solution approach with commitment to developing local competency is our forte; we believe that this would enhance the increase in turnover and profitability of operator’s business and that of CAGL Oilfields.